Groundspeed helps Insurance brokers
reduce costs &
win more business

reduce Costs

Our automation platform reduces broker claim administrative expenses by 75% while improving data accuracy

retain more business

Stay in front of your toughest customers and their toughest claims with our claim analytics dashboards

Win more business

The new generation insurance buyer demands benchmarking & analytics tools that Groundspeed provides

we automate your carrier loss run process

Groundspeed automatically requests, receives, processes and analyzes loss run data from carrier PDFs and other document types.

Associate Pack


  • Agency-wide License
  • 750 Claim Updates
  • That's 60 Updates per Month
    or 188 Updates every Quarter
    for One Year
  • Single Policyholder
  • $2.00 per Update

Partner Pack


  • Agency-wide License
  • 10,000 Claim Updates
  • That's over 800 Updates per Month
    or 2,500 Updates every Quarter
    for One Year
  • Unlimited Policyholders
  • $0.75 per Update