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Who We Are

Groundspeed Analytics is a data sciences company that powers decision making and fuels operational improvement for the insurance industry.

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Aon unlocks value from unstructured data

Groundspeed’s machine-harvested and AI-enhanced data helps Aon Reinsurance create more relevant client solutions by enabling Aon’s internal systems to better identify causes of claims, support industry benchmarks, and opportunities to improve coverage – all while lowering clients’ total cost of risk.

Entrepreneurial Services Company of the Year

Groundspeed is honored and humbled to have received the 2019 Entrepreneurial Services Company of the Year Award from Ann Arbor SPARK! Watch the video to see how Groundspeed has grown since Founder and Co-CEO Jeff Mason participated in the SPARK Entrepreneur Bootcamp in 2015.

We partner with some of the largest commercial P&C brokers and carriers. Groundspeed’s Rapid Fusion Data Pipeline helps clients accelerate their commercial insurance submission process by unlocking the value in their unstructured data. Whether you are a broker, carrier, or managing general agent, Groundspeed enables you to be faster to the market with more accurate information.

For Carriers

Our carrier clients utilize Groundspeed to reduce friction, from submission receipt through underwriting, realizing an information advantage for risk selection, pricing and increasing new business wins. By implementing Groundspeed, a top-5 global carrier has decreased underwriting process cycle time by 95%, with 50% more accurate data.

For Brokers

For our commercial broker clients, we are an indispensable solution to enable an efficient E-Broking process from prospecting through book management. One of our broker clients leveraged Groundspeed to improve margins and drive new revenue sources including a 10% increase in book roll conversion alongside a 90% reduction in submission-to-rating time.

Ready to unlock
the value in your unstructured data?

Ready to unlock
the value in your unstructured data?