Save your effort with immediate, in depth insights about risk

Evaluating risk often comes without resources and can take days. We enable you with fine tuned AI models to accurately examine inbound submission quickly.

Risk Analytics

Increasing levels of intelligence about submission documents and general risk come with our proprietary AI. Designed exclusively for commercial insurance, our AI models and Risk Analytics provide in-depth insights 25x faster than manual methods and is often the only resource to aid in a thorough evaluation of inbound submissions.

One of the world’s largest training data sets

The value of AI is to assist humans in making better decisions. With one of the world’s largest training data sets, our technology is able to quickly advise on actual loss development of any given risk, making you the most informed decision maker in understanding the risk at the time of quoting business.

Understand how open claims develop

Open claims add a degree of uncertainty to any prospective client because it helps inform the level of risk represented.

Historically, components to the loss history lack clarity, are inaccurate, and vary from carrier to carrier.

Because loss history is a crucial component of new business submissions, understanding how a claim will likely develop is an important factor in understanding the overall risk.

Better insight into real risk

Underwriters spend significant time assessing open claims in attempts to determine if any given inbound submission is worth writing, and if so, what price?

Our Risk Analytics instantly inform Underwriters about the nature of open claims. We assign a score that predicts the accuracy of open reserves, identifying those claims that are under-reserved with high precision.

Pricing risk with better accuracy

Our Loss Run Reserves Scoring provides underwriters with an enhanced understanding of how open claims on a loss run will develop, which allows a more precise determination of the risk associated with a prospective insured.

Given an open claim, we are able to predict the expected change in its total incurred value and generate a Reserves Score, which indicates the degree to which the claim is over/under reserved on a 5-point scale.

Insights delivered on our uniform API

Access what you need, any time.

Accurate, normalized, and enriched data is delivered rapidly to customer systems via our unified API.

Client Success Stories

We deliver ROI from better underwriting, improved analytics, and faster speed to market




Revenue cycle automation expands time to review new business

Added capacity
Net Savings
  • Improved initial pricing turnaround by 95%
  • 10% increase in underwriter time to review target accounts




Groundspeed removes human error and enables advanced risk analysis

Annual Net Savings
  • Improved data accuracy from 88% to 98%
  • ML model-based claim data enrichments
  • Better risk categorization




Groundspeed eliminates data extraction and entry tasks

Annual Net Savings
  • Improved initial pricing turnaround by 95%
  • 10% increase in underwriter time to review target accounts




Groundspeed reduces time to quote by days

Premium Increase
  • Faster turnaround and increased access to data increases win rate.
  • For every $100m in potential premiums, there is an increase of $10m in premiums.

Unlock the value in your unstructured data

And understand the real risk, faster

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