Ensure that your clients’ needs are met in the market and grow your business

It’s a challenge to understand your existing book of business

Brokers have the important responsibility of ensuring that a clients’ needs are met in the market, effectively promising that they’ve found the best coverage for the best price possible.

Equally, brokers have ongoing relationships with their carrier partners where information is required on a timely basis to build and maintain those relationships.

A massive component of their job is to ensure they have access to all insured information, can present that information coherently to carrier partners in a timely manner, and work through the placement process to make sure coverage is placed.

Brokers deal with massive volumes of documents and data as part of this regimen — A challenge that has vexed insurance professionals for generations.

Much of the data required in these submission documents is not easily accessible or usable, creating an intensive manual process to create submissions for new business and/or recreate them for renewal cycles.

Because of this challenge, missed opportunities to service clients better, grow businesses, and strengthen key carrier partnerships have been left abandon.

Accessing data requires significant time, resources, & costs.

Accessibility to the data you need is the separator between the successful evaluation of risk and the gut feeling approach, which itself is risky.

With our Rapid Fusion pipeline, you are enabled with more accurate foresight into real possible risk without the labor intensive time spent by humans tracking down documents and piecing together questionable data sets.

Our Rapid Fusion data pipeline automation can shrink days into hours and grows data fragments into a whole, complete resource.

Unlock your critical data with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Spending time dealing with large volumes of unstructured data before you can even begin to look at the risk is a labor intensive and expensive way to conduct business.

With our advanced technology, we can deliver you organized data within hours that is significantly more accurate and is immediately ready to use.

Groundspeed returns 99%+ accurate data

Groundspeed understands that without technological advancement, brokers would be left with a growing expense line and missed opportunities to grow their business.

Win new business

Increased access to prospect’s existing coverage details helps you design improved coverage for clients resulting in new business for your firm.

More quickly match client needs with the right markets

Streamline and reduce the costs associated with acquiring client coverage details and more easily pair the client’s needs with the right carrier partners.

Accelerate submission preparation at a lower cost

Automate the preparation of submissions that are more consumable by your carrier partners at a lower cost and respond faster to your client’s needs.

Faster, more comprehensive quote comparison

Quote details are auto-extracted and presented for comparison enabling faster and more thorough evaluations.

Protect your clients and your firm

Auto-extract binder data, compare against quote and policy details, and validate client coverage to avoid errors and omissions– faster and at a lower cost.

Grow revenues and reduce costs

Increasing access to the policy, exposure, and loss data in your existing book of business presents opportunities to maximize your placement and program opportunities. Groundspeed helps brokers increase their revenues and reduce their costs.

Client Success Stories

We deliver ROI for better underwriting, improved analytics, and increased win rates.

Uncovering Underwriting Profit for Leading Broker

In support of a broader strategic agenda, this broker sought to understand underwriting profitability within a book of business across a variety of dimensions.

Policy Analysis for Top-10 Broker

A top-10 broker wanted to mine the data stored within their organization to fully realize market trends and establish benchmarks in order to better serve their clients.

Automated Client Reporting for BI-100 Broker

This brokerage staff spent weeks collecting, organizing and analyzing loss, exposure and policy information and then populating Excel worksheets to build stewardship reports.

Unlock the value in your unstructured data

And understand the real risk, faster

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