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We are Groundspeed

We are a team of travel enthusiasts and data scientists, insurance experts and Dungeon Masters, foodies and software engineers, and together we make sense of unstructured information to drive decisions in commercial insurance.

Positivity, Effort, Growth and Selflessness

We stay grounded by:

Embracing mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow

Encouraging debate to improve ideas

Welcoming difficult tasks as opportunities

Viewing feedback as a two-way street

Celebrating the successes of one another

Respecting diverse talents, experiences, perspectives, and contributions

Promoting a trusting environment where everyone is given a space to be heard

Actively seeking ways to help one another

What it’s like to work at Groundspeed

Groundspeed is truly committed to fostering a diverse and collaborative work environment that values each employee’s growth and success. At Groundspeed, I have the opportunity to work on challenging and exciting projects with a committed and supportive group of people who are dedicated to succeeding and helping others succeed. Throughout my time at Groundspeed as a UX Designer and Developer, I have been able to gain support from senior leadership and my fellow team members and have grown in my career as a result.

I feel Groundspeed has my back when it comes to my ability to be there for my family. When my daughter is sick and I have to run up to the school or take her to the doctor, I feel a sense of understanding from my coworkers and the leaders at Groundspeed. That type of attitude is contagious when it comes from the top. As a working dad, with a working partner who is equally busy, it is great to work for a company that supports a healthy work/life balance.

Working at Groundspeed has been a great opportunity to be a part of a unique and dynamic environment. It has been remarkable to see the growth and changes in the company in the little over a year that I’ve been a part of the team. Groundspeed also provides opportunities for growth and development that have helped me to learn new skills and advance within the company. I’m excited to be a part of Groundspeed’s future.


Health and Wellness 

Medical, vision, dental, life and disability, and don’t forget to take advantage of our fitness stipend

Time off

We believe that taking time for yourself is just as important as taking time for us

Parental Leave

Adding a new member to your family is a big step and we are here to support you on this new adventure


Plan for your future while knowing Groundspeed had your back through company contributions

Career Mapping

Life is a journey, we are here to help you map out your best path forward

Staying Connected

We are a close knit team, spread across the states and growing in numbers. We are constantly iterating and improving our communications, but we work hard to stay connected through:

Practicing an open door policy

Have an idea? Let us know! Not sure why we do something the way we do? Ask! Think we are wrong? Let’s talk about it!

CEO roundtables

A chance for our teams to sit down with our CEO and talk to him about…… anything!

Embracing a love of Slack

Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.


Creating space for team members to interact outside of traditional meetings

Groundspeed is growing

Join as we accelerate our AI solutions

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