Near-perfect data from submission documents fused with 3rd party data, fast

Unlock the value trapped in your unstructured assets with artificial intelligence and data science.

Groundspeed’s Data Pipeline

The Groundspeed pipeline transforms and delivers structured data via API.

We deliver your data back to you quickly with 98%+ accuracy and enriched with third party data so that carriers can improve the speed and accuracy of quoting to deliver more revenue, and eliminate the gut-approach for everyone.

Our process accurately annotates, extracts, structures, and energizes information locked inside commercial insurance documents. Think insurance applications, loss runs, policy forms, exposure schedules, and other document types– we support many different file formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, Email, and Images.

Unified API Connection

The largest insurance companies and brokers connect and push documents to Groundspeed via API with flexibility, speed, and ready-built connections.

Easily and accessibly send your documents to the pipeline and let our automation get to work.

AI Powered Labeling

The pipeline AI classifies, annotates, cleans, and structures data from insurance documents so that you don’t have to spend the time doing it.

Carriers spend way too much time herding data that isn’t even reliably accurate. Groundspeed’s data pipeline does the leg work for you and supplies a trustworthy and clear result.

A Groundspeed Human in the Loop

For quality assurance, the pipeline will flag lower-confidence data values and will loop in a human to confirm accuracy. This way, you can trust that your data will come back to you in near-perfect form.

If mistakes are detected, we file those back to the system for future learning and iterations of the data-driven aspects to our workflow.

Insights & Enrichments

Once the pipeline understands and organizes your data, enriched data from our machine learning models and third party sources are fused into the data-set. The product you receive back is better and more complete as a whole than any individual data source you had initially.

Fast Delivery & Transformed Data

Accurate, normalized, and enriched data is delivered back to you in a matter of hours to your systems via our unified API.

Once you receive it, you can immediately use it to understand the actual picture of complete risk rather than relying on past records of guesswork.

Groundspeed’s data pipeline turns manual labor into seamless insight that increases commission percentages and drives more revenue based on real understanding of risk.

Client Success Stories

We deliver ROI from better underwriting, improved analytics, and faster speed to market




Revenue cycle automation expands time to review new business

Added capacity
Net Savings
  • Improved initial pricing turnaround by 95%
  • 10% increase in underwriter time to review target accounts




Groundspeed removes human error and enables advanced risk analysis

Annual Net Savings
  • Improved data accuracy from 88% to 98%
  • ML model-based claim data enrichments
  • Better risk categorization




Groundspeed eliminates data extraction and entry tasks

Annual Net Savings
  • Improved initial pricing turnaround by 95%
  • 10% increase in underwriter time to review target accounts




Groundspeed reduces time to quote by days

Premium Increase
  • Faster turnaround and increased access to data increases win rate.
  • For every $100m in potential premiums, there is an increase of $10m in premiums.

Unlock the value in your unstructured data

And understand the real risk, faster

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