Exposure Schedule Analysis

Smarter, faster triage and rating decisions

Complete risk assessment demands intense focus and time-consuming schedule data analysis. Yet while underwriters toil over statistics, new business opportunities pile up and grow cold.

Powered by proprietary data



Data points captured

The largest contributed dataset in the industry



Exposure value processed

Across millions of schedules and applications



Commercial claims data

Deep expertise in commercial lines

We support a broad range of source documents

Schedule types currently supported
Vehicle schedules
Location schedules
Equipment schedules
Driver lists
Payroll schedules
Revenue schedules
Aircraft schedules

How it works

step 1

Document Ingestion

Insurance carriers submit documents to our system via API, SFTP, or email. Simple.

step 2

AI Data Labeling

Liberate underwriters from labeling. Our AI classifies, annotates, cleans, and structures data from those submission documents.

step 3

Automated QA

We run the captured data through a series of automated data quality and consistency checks.

step 4

Human Review

Our AI flags lower-confidence data and loops in a human to confirm accuracy. This process lets us take on more complex data sources than AI-only platforms and helps us continuously improve our technology.

step 5


We normalize the data and add insight. We fuse enrichments from our machine-learning models and from relevant third-party sources for the line of business into the data set.

step 6

Fast Delivery

Our technology delivers back accurate, normalized, and enriched data, typically in under two hours, via API, SFTP, or email. Making underwriting decisions quicker, easier, and more profitable.

Automation leads to revolutionary results

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