What type of technologies does Groundspeed use?

Groundspeed leverage AI, ML, and NLP technologies on a “narrow basis” to automatically and accurately extract data from loss runs, exposures schedules, emails, and more. The “narrow basis” means that Groundspeed uses various techniques per document type and data type to reliably and accurately extract data. Groundspeed maintains its own contributory data set which acts as one of the world’s largest training data sets. Groundspeed deidentifies and masks any PII or PI, and uses the data contained in the various documents to enhance and tune its model.

What sets Groundspeed apart?

Groundspeed delivers 98%+ accurate data for submission documents, fast. This data doesn’t require clients to validate it as we have already done so. Current SLAs in the industry are days to a week. Groundspeed delivers this accurate data, including human validation, in hours. Groundspeed also requires no setup or training with client data minimizing the time and resources for clients and accelerating the delivery of value. Groundspeed also maintains a staff of experienced insurance professionals, so we speak insurance.

How does Groundspeed ensure accurate data?

Groundspeed’s AI is incredibly precise and supported by one of the world’s largest training data sets. That said, Groundspeed employs its own human in the loop to handle any data that needs validation. The expectation is that the data Groundspeed returns is accurate, validated, and ready for use.

What else does Groundspeed do with the data?

In addition to data extraction, Groundspeed energizes data by fusing in 3rd party data e.g. geocoding as well as enhances the data with Groundspeed models. For example, if the line of business or line type is missing, Groundspeed can predict that from the other contents in a loss run. Groundspeed accelerates the access to data, and provides you even more knowledge to reduce human intervention and mundane tasks.

How quick is the turnaround time for the service?

Groundspeed delivers “in flow” business in hours. This dramatically reduces the time to acquire data.

What is Groundspeed’s commercial model?

Groundspeed offers a subscription service to deliver data “in flow” to support inbound submissions. This operates much like a SaaS agreement. The service includes extract, enhancement, and transformation of data. Groundspeed also offer project pricing for historical analysis projects.

How do you implement Groundspeed?

Groundspeed maintains a team of insurance and technical experts that works clients through a standard implementation process that generally takes days to weeks. Groundspeed will guide your team through the integration and data transformation process to meet your exact data needs.

Is there a minimum size project for Groundspeed?

Groundspeed doesn’t have a minimum project size. Groundspeed’s data pipeline-as-a-service is ready for utilization following a standard implementation process.

Where can I learn more about Groundspeed’s ingest and delivery methods?

Groundspeed systems can ingest and deliver documents in three ways: API, SFTP, and Email.

Learn more about our API documentation here.

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