Setup and Clearance

Prepare submissions with speed and accuracy

the problem

Manual submissions

Preparing submissions for quoting is a manual, time-consuming, and expensive grind.

You can’t evaluate risk until your team confirms the broker of record (BOR) and sets up the submission. That means painstakingly entering data, checking systems for the BOR, and preparing the submission for underwriting.

the solution

We can help you move faster

Our AI automatically sorts emails and attachments and extracts the key data fields you need to set up and clear new and existing accounts. And once completed, our pipeline arms you with insight into essential risk factors that help in the triage process.

So your underwriters can spend more time underwriting and issue quotes faster and more accurately.

Our Setup & Clearance product:

  • Automatically classifies emails and attachments and identifies which documents contain critical data points
  • Extracts key data fields to facilitate auto-clearance and account setup and expose important risk factors
  • Achieves setup and clearance for a single submission at a fraction of the current time and cost

How it works

step 1

Document Ingestion

Insurance carriers submit documents to our system via API, SFTP, or email. Simple.

step 2

AI Data Labeling

Liberate underwriters from labeling. Our AI classifies, annotates, cleans, and structures data from those submission documents.

step 3

Automated QA

We run the captured data through a series of automated data quality and consistency checks.

step 4

Human Review

Our AI flags lower-confidence data and loops in a human to confirm accuracy. This process lets us take on more complex data sources than AI-only platforms and helps us continuously improve our technology.

step 5


We normalize the data and add insight. We fuse enrichments from our machine-learning models and from relevant third-party sources for the line of business into the data set.

step 6

Fast Delivery

Our technology delivers back accurate, normalized, and enriched data, typically in under two hours, via API, SFTP, or email. Making underwriting decisions quicker, easier, and more profitable.

Get clean data from a broad range of source documents, including:

Insured data

  • Insured name
  • Insured address
  • NAICS code
  • FEIN
Submission data

  • Submission date
  • Need by date
  • Requested coverage types
  • Policy term 
  • Email subject
  • Email recipient
  • Document type
Agent data

  • Agent name
  • Agent email
  • Agency address

Why Groundspeed?

Built for commercial property and casualty carriers

Easy to implement and can go live within weeks

Simple API and a structured data format

Enriched with Groundspeed’s proprietary data set

Automation leads to revolutionary results

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