Better serve your clients, grow your business, and improve margins

Our advanced AI models remove the grind and guesswork of understanding risk from your prospecting pipeline through to your current book of business.


As brokers, you’re focused on winning new business and helping your company grow market share. In your pipeline of prospects, there is a massive library of data needed to understand which opportunities are best to pursue, but sifting through that is a labor that may not even reveal real worth.

With our Rapid Fusion pipeline, you have access to your client’s coverage details as well as the details driving the rating.

Armed with this data, you can better understand the needs of each prospect quickly and win new business much faster.

Compare coverage against benchmarks to identify gaps
Analyze risk performance to identify opportunities for upsell
Understand the needs of your prospect, faster


For brokers to determine what carriers have the right risk appetite to accept placement from their clients, critical information is needed up front. Like with challenges in prospecting, this data-hunting grind is a time consuming yet necessary requirement to find the right match to underwrite the business.

We deliver detail policy, exposure, and loss information for benchmarking across your book of business, which enables better communication back to your clients on both placement strategy and understanding desired risk before actual submission.

Our Rapid Fusion data pipeline process completes this upfront work faster, more accurately, and more cost effectively for serving your clients.

Analyze documents from prospects, renewing clients, & program (MGA)
Provide benchmarks, both premium & coverage, to carriers to gauge their risk appetite
Reduce the costs associated with serving your clients

Market / Placement

Preparing a submission is one of the dreaded tasks of any broker operation– and it happens to be one of the biggest expense drivers.

It is a consistent challenge to gather information, clean and structure it to be consumable by carriers, and ensure that the client’s coverage needs are accurately portrayed.

Our Rapid Fusion data pipeline delivers detail policy, exposure, and loss information to prepare submissions and reference in historical analysis without this expensive manual exercise. And we equip you with the critical risk factors that drive premium and coverage and actual loss experience. This puts you in a great position to place coverage for your client and equally serve carrier partners with accurate information on the risk.

Use automation to accelerate your submission preparation process
Normalize & enrich the submission for rating, including risk score
Automatically fill holes for missing data


In today’s fast-paced environment, data from quotes is not easily extracted or input into current systems. It is challenging to aggregate the data for comparison of markets. And for quotes, the comparison is typically conducted by a person eyeballing the competitive quotes and making the best decision they can for their client.

Our Rapid Fusion data pipeline extracts detailed quote information so that quotes can be easily compared and the best coverage can be selected for your client.

You can also compare quotes against the same kind of historical quotes that our technology helps you aggregate.

Automatically structure & upload quote information into a data lake
Instantly compare quotes
Quickly identify the best coverage for your clients & why


Binder information is manually keyed into internal systems and often times isn’t even completed, which makes it challenging to check binders against issued policies. Critical coverage information and E&O’s are often missed.

Our technology auto-extracts binder information and compares it against both the coverage issued in the policy and what was generated in the quote. We drive a data-first approach to quote comparison and binder extraction and ensure that all information is consistent, can be used in future placements, and that coverage is placed for clients. This gives you massive E&O protection.

Auto-extract complete binder information
Instant binder analysis feeds your downstream policy check process
Quickly confirm that the appropriate coverage has been placed for your clients

In Force Book of Business

With data locked in policies, exposure schedules, and loss runs, brokers struggle to understand their own book of business in terms of actual loss experience, rating, and other key elements needed when determining placement and program strategies. This leads to guesswork and lost opportunities to grow businesses and better serve clients.

Our Rapid Fusion pipeline auto-extracts data from policies, exposure schedules, and loss runs to provide complete data for you to understand your book of business by line of business, line type, carrier, etc.

With complete and accurate data that is finally accessible, your placement and program strategies can now be based upon knowledge instead of instinct.

Understand your book of business with auto-extraction of data that inform strategic placement strategies
Use risk reporting & analysis, at a client level or book level
Base placement & program strategies on knowledge

Unlock the value in your unstructured data

And understand the real risk, faster

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