How Commercial Insurance Carriers Use Groundspeed


Setup & Clearance

Today, setup and clearance is a manual, time-consuming, and expensive grind for your underwriters.

Carriers can only evaluate risk once they confirm the broker of record and set up the submission for underwriting. To do that, your team needs to painstakingly key in data, check systems, and prepare the submission.

Once completed, our pipeline arms you with insight into essential risk factors that help in the triage process. Helping you save time and money.


Smart Triage

You need to match potential new business to your risk appetite. But when you’re buried in submissions and manually trying to dig out, opportunities that fit get overlooked or lost to competitors because you can’t quote the business in time. Speed means success.

With the structured and enriched submission data from Groundspeed, your underwriters can quickly decline bad business matches and quote more business that fits your risk appetite.


Risk Rating

Actuaries and underwriters crave accurate data when they rate risk, but currently, they’re not getting it. Today, information gathering is time-consuming and inconsistent. Carriers are forced to save time and money with general assessments from a composite rating approach, even though they know line-based rating would lead to better results.

We provide detailed rating information from both quoted and unquoted submissions, so both inputs can be analyzed to inform sharper future decision-making.

It adds up to improved accuracy, breadth, and depth of data that helps you price risk smarter and more profitably.

Transform the way you underwrite!

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