Workers’ Compensation Data Profile

Get a 360° view of workers’ compensation risk

Our AI pipeline extracts and enriches over 300 data points from workers’ compensation loss runs, ACORD applications, eMod worksheets, payroll schedules, and third-party data. Giving underwriters a single source for all their data needs. Even better, the data is available almost immediately upon receipt of the broker’s submission, so you can quickly quote profitable new business.

Why workers’ compensation carriers choose Groundspeed

360-Degree view

Our data package includes over 300 data points from workers’ compensation loss runs, ACORD applications, eMod worksheets, and more. We normalize and validate this data to industry or customer standards.

Predictive fields

We put that data to use for you. We enrich your submissions document data with predictions and analytics derived from our data package.

Third-party data

We make our data smarter. We use third-party data to further enrich and validate results upon request. These can include address corrections, geocoding, and NAICS/SIC codes.

We extract, enrich, and deliver over 300 data points

We support documents derived from:
Loss runs
ACORD applications
eMod worksheets (both NCCI and state)
Payroll schedules

How it works

step 1

Document Ingestion

Insurance carriers submit documents to our system via API, SFTP, or email. Simple.

step 2

AI Data Labeling

Liberate underwriters from labeling. Our AI classifies, annotates, cleans, and structures data from those submission documents.

step 3

Automated QA

We run the captured data through a series of automated data quality and consistency checks.

step 4

Human Review

Our AI flags lower-confidence data and loops in a human to confirm accuracy. This process lets us take on more complex data sources than AI-only platforms and helps us continuously improve our technology.

step 5


We normalize the data and add insight. We fuse enrichments from our machine-learning models and from relevant third-party sources for the line of business into the data set.

step 6

Fast Delivery

Our technology delivers back accurate, normalized, and enriched data, typically in under two hours, via API, SFTP, or email. Making underwriting decisions quicker, easier, and more profitable.

Transforming data for an underwriting revolution

Groundspeed arms underwriters with structured, near-perfect risk data. So they can see the complete risk picture and use their expertise to make smarter, faster decisions.

Setup and Clearance

Prepare submissions with speed and accuracy

Our technology automatically extracts the key data fields you need to clear and set up new accounts. Eliminating a painstaking manual grind and saving you time and money.

Smart Triage

Quickly find the submissions that match your risk appetite

Our data pipeline recognizes the right data fields to match risk characteristics against your risk appetite. So you can vet every submission against your preferred success metrics and alert your underwriters to prioritize the best matches.


Accurate rating information

We provide detailed rating information from quoted and unquoted submissions. And unquoted submissions can be analyzed and fed back into the underwriting process to make future decision-making even sharper.

Automated Fill

A complete data set

Our technology automatically extracts the data from all submission documents and fuses it with third-party data. This fusion creates a complete risk picture–a distinct advantage over most carriers with a manual process.

Extract Complete Submissions

Trustworthy data
delivered fast

Our platform is designed to extract and enhance mass volumes of data from all submission documents. Everything you need to evaluate the inbound submissions with data-driven confidence is typically delivered within two hours.

Trusted carriers choose Groundspeed

Groundspeed has been a tremendous asset because of its speed, and you can trust the data.”

David Simmeth

Senior Vice President and CIO

Groundspeed’s AI capabilities optimize productivity for both our underwriters and our agent and broker partners.”

Bill Devine

Senior Vice President of Business Insurance

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