Employee Spotlight: Vishal Srivastava

Meet Vishal Srivastava, our Senior Vice President of Engineering. Vishal heads up our engineering & data/AI efforts, allowing him to work with many talented folks. The engineering team is constantly working to improve our primary products as well as build innovative new product offerings for our customers.

What is your favorite part about Groundspeed? 
As a leader at a startup that builds AI software, I find many aspects of working at our organization fulfilling and exciting. But my favorite part is working alongside a team of extremely talented yet grounded individuals who are passionate about advancing the field of artificial intelligence and developing innovative solutions that can make a real difference in the commercial insurance industry. I also find it rewarding to see our software being used by some of the largest carriers and see their business metrics improve as a result.

What are you most proud of during your journey with Groundspeed?
From scaling our automation multifold to building applications zero to one, there are so many projects that we have built to be proud of. But by far, I am proud of the growth that team members at our company have had. I am a huge believer in promoting from within, and it is much easier to do at Groundspeed since everyone is committed to doing great work, solving challenges, and constantly leveling up.

What would you say to someone considering a career with Groundspeed?
If you want to work in a field going through generational growth (AI) in a massive market and work with people who believe in learning together, are not afraid to try new things, and, most importantly, not afraid to fail: come work with us!

What do you think is the future of Commercial Insurance Underwriting and the role of Groundspeed in shaping that? 
If I consider the state of commercial insurance underwriting a decade from now, I firmly believe it will be unrecognizable from its current form. This applies not only to this industry but to every other industry that the advancements in AI will transform.

In the commercial insurance industry, specifically, there will be a massive explosion of data available for underwriting. There will be an urgent need for technology that can quickly analyze and generate insights from that data. If carriers were cars and data was oil, it would be the use of AI technology that would enhance fuel efficiency.

Groundspeed is uniquely positioned to play a vital role in this journey. We are already enabling the best carriers in the industry to digitize and analyze the data they use for underwriting. As the number of data points increases, our technology will keep up, enabling quick and cost-efficient enablement of this data to be used by underwriters and eventually drive business efficiency.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?
I love Bollywood music (SRK fan!) and also love hosting gatherings at my place.

Vishal, we are glad you are leading our engineering team at Groundspeed.