Employee Spotlight: Bryan Rudd

Meet our new Enterprise Account Executive, Bryan Rudd. He joined the Groundspeed team with 18+ years of experience in sales, with his most recent experience at Salesforce for almost five years! Bryan enjoys working with customers from vision to delivery on how to improve not only their bottom line, but also the employee and customer experience.

What brought you to Groundspeed?
I came across Groundspeed in my previous role and happened to get connected through a mutual connection. So I was already aware of the industry demand and the value that Groundspeed was delivering in the market. I connected with customers who not only complemented the value of the product, but spoke very positively about the buying experience, which was very important to me.

What would you say to someone considering a career in your field?
Moving into any complex industry and selling to expert practitioners is always a big change. You are rarely if ever, going to be the expert in the room. It is essential to shift your focus to listening and engaging with a purpose of delivering their vision with a clear definition of success.

What do you think is the future of Commercial Insurance Underwriting and the role of Groundspeed in shaping that?
Businesses are changing with technology advancements in how companies serve their customers and employees. The carriers capable of shifting product strategy and growth in new areas, will increase margins, improve speed, and lead the way for others. Groundspeed allows carriers to unlock historical and new data without manual processes.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?
I played Division 1 soccer at the University of Tulsa and now enjoy supporting my two sons in growing their passion for the game.

Bryan, we are happy to have you on the team at Groundspeed!

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