Employee Spotlight: John Strehle, CFA

Meet our new Enterprise Account Executive, John Strehle, CFA. He joined the Groundspeed team with 20 years of experience selling software and analytics to carriers, hedge funds, PE investors, and enterprise tech firms.

What brought you to Groundspeed?
The largest carriers are those I wanted to serve, because that’s where information has the greatest benefit. So when my network told me how Groundspeed had established a strong following among some of the world’s most innovative underwriting teams, I aggressively tried to get in front of CEO Eric Kobe and SVP Sales Marc Porupsky. They and their staff have been everything I’d hoped for.

What would you say to someone considering a career in sales?
Considering the sophistication of our clients, there’s no harm in being a salesperson with great jokes and a respectable golf game [I’m still working on both]; but what clients need most is a person who both sells and is adept at the nuances of each carrier’s businesses.
Like many salespeople, I escape from keyboards and quotas with watersports – which I enjoy all year. So, if you’re on the runway at Boston’s Logan Airport in January and see a stand-up paddleboarder in the harbor, please wave hello!

What do you think is the future of Commercial Insurance Underwriting and Groundspeed’s role in shaping the future?
If we continue to listen closely to our clients, then Groundspeed will be as good as any company at seeing around the corner. In my brief time here, it’s been exhilarating to hear thought leaders from carriers speak and then discuss internally how we’ll deliver outstanding results to them through at least 2030.

Why should someone join the Groundspeed team?
The leadership team strives to foster a culture that inspires employees to connect, work hard, and think bigger. Each and every person here has been remarkably forthcoming and wants to help. We are currently looking to fill several roles to work closely with myself and the other Enterprise Account Executives. I can’t imagine a better group of mentors and peers. To learn more about our open positions, visit our website:

John, we are happy to have you on the team at Groundspeed!